IRIS Payslips

Since switching to IRIS payroll I've become a bit put off by the rip-off prices charged at the Iris store. After a quick search on Google I came across Collate. What a revelation! Instead of paying £120 a box I'm now paying £12.95. Yes, you read that right just £12.95. I couldn't believe it when I first saw the price but after recieving some samples I'm delighted to report they're spot-on and I shall be repeat ordering soon.


Not for me you understand! But my wife tells me that having seen her friends eye-catching multi-coloured handbag she will be ordering one soon. I must admit having seen the pics on the website they're unlike anything I've seen so I guess a little present is in order.

Stuart Whitman

If your like us and looking at ways to make the most of new business opportunities via the internet then Stuart Whitman can help. Whether it's a simple brochure website or something to get you started selling online Stuart has the ideas that translate into results to make your web design project a success.

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